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Grilled Top Sirloin with Portobello Herb Butter

20 8 ounce Top Sirloin steaks, Diamond B trim
1.5 LB Salted butter, soft - at room temp.
2 Portobello mushroom caps
2 Shallots, chopped fine
2 tsp. Milled black pepper
1 T Fresh thyme, chopped
¼ C Fresh parsley, chopped
TT Salt & pepper
1 tsp. Fresh garlic, chopped
As needed Bocelli Extra Virgin Roman Olive Oil
Lightly drizzle the mushrooms with oil, season with garlic, salt and pepper
Roast in 375*F oven for 15 minutes, cool and chop fine.
Blend softened butter with mushrooms, shallots, pepper, thyme and parsley.
Scrape out butter onto sheet of parchment paper and roll tightly into log shape - freeze.
Season top sirloin steaks with salt and pepper and grill to desired degree of doneness.
Plate steak and top with 1 ounce medallion of compound butter.
Flash under broiler or salamander if available immediately prior to service.