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Cod Mediterranean En Papillote

8 oz. Boston Day Boat market cod
1/8 C Red pepper, julienne
1/8 C Green pepper, julienne
1/8 C Yellow pepper, julienne
¼ C Green onion, sliced
2 T Dry white wine
4 White mushrooms, cleaned, sliced
2 T California Red Marinara Sauce
1/8 C Sliced ripe olives
TT Salt & Pepper
Take ½ sheet of parchment paper and lay out on table.
Place cod in center of paper, season with salt and pepper.
Cover with marinara sauce and top with all the vegetables.
Pour wine over fish.
Fold paper to angle crimping sides.
Bake in 375* oven for 15 to 18 minutes.
Present on service plate so that bag can be opened tableside.