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Caribbean Barbecue Sauce

¼ C MarketSource Fresh Cilantro, chopped
¼ C Lite Soy Sauce
2 T Fresh Ginger, grated
2 tsp. Hot Pepper Sauce
¼ C Lime Juice, fresh
¼ C Bocelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Arbequina
1 tsp. Natural Pak Ground Nutmeg
½ tsp. Natural Pak Ground Allspice
¼ C Meyer’s Dark Rum
½ tsp. Natural Pak Ground Cinnamon
¼ C Light Brown Sugar
¼ tsp Salt
Combine all ingredients and stir well.
Allow to sit overnight before using to thoroughly blend flavors.
This recipe may be used for chicken, pork or seafood as a marinade or as a sauce/basting sauce.